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Patisserie Sainte-Anne

I know going to Paris is only a train ride on the Eurostar away, and the French are best known for those delicious freshly baked pastries. However, I can safely say there’s an excellent French Bakery in London. Patisserie Sainte-Anne is based in Hammersmith by Ravenscourt Park, previously running their bakery of the same name for over 20 years in Paris. The owners moved to London and opened up in West London, it’s a true boulangerie Parisienne. Handmade and baked in store, the outside is painted bright pink with an Art Nouveau typeface. I found it by chance when googling Japanese French bakeries in London and Patisserie Sainte-Anne popped up with 5-star reviews.  

Patisserie Sainte Anne Kings Street

Parisienne bakery

The seating inside Patisserie Sainte-Anne bakery is limited, only 6 tables. The display cabinet is filled with whole cakes to order, top crusty sandwiches, quiches, chocolate truffles, colourful macarons, small cakes, and pastries. Even the menu is written in French with English translation.  

Patisserie Sainte Anne Cakes display
Patisserie Sainte-Anne cakes display
Patisserie Sainte Anne counter

Patisserie Sainte-Anne bakery

The lunch offer is worth it, the deal is 1 Sandwich or hot savoury, 1 Dessert (éclair, millefeuille, viennoiserie, flan, tarte aux pommes, tarte normande or crumble), 1 soft drink (can or water), + £1.20 £9.10 or £10.30 with a hot drink. Matcha and special lattes are an extra £1 on top.  

Patisserie Sainte Anne pasteries
Patisserie Sainte Anne pasteries
Patisserie Sainte Anne cakes
Patisserie Sainte Anne cakes
Patisserie Sainte Anne eclairs

Patisserie Sainte-Anne crusty baguettes are one of the best, my Sandwich Jambon Camembert was toasted up, and camembert melted on my wafer-thin ham. The sandwich bread stayed crusty throughout.  

Patisserie Sainte Anne Lunch menu deal
Patisserie Sainte Anne Apple Tart

Their tart aux pomme is delicious, although the flaky puff pastry started to lose its crispiness. The bramley purée is sharp, finished off with evenly precision-cut apple slices.  

So, hurry along to Hammersmith for a piece of a Parisian family run bakery in London. The croissants are highly rated and it’s hard not to order the whole shop. Try and visit during lunch or breakfast for the special deals.  

Patisserie Sainte Anne Sandwich Jambon CamembertJPG

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