This gastro pub, is a bit of secret to me, having grown up and living in docklands most of my life. I have never even heard of it, until it came up in food conversation with a fellow foodie friend.

We were supposed to go together, however being 2 busy people it never happened. Last month on Good Friday, I managed to drag my friend with me to lunch. The gun is one of those places that are well hidden behind residential areas even with Google maps it took a while to locate.

From the outside it looks like your bob standard pub, inside there’s a nice restaurant seating area. We spoke to the waiter by the bar and he said we could sit outside by the Terrance to eat if we wanted to. Without any hesitation we decided to brave the cold. The view overlooking the millennium dome was amazing; it was actually sunny at the time. I somehow got chilly and the gun provides fleece covers for all customers seating in the Terrance area. YAY! The oddest thing was, in order to open a table bill we must leave our debit/credit card by the bar. I don’t know about you but I was uncomfortable with the idea of card can be cloned.

Staring at the menu, one side was full of British grub pub food and the other with more bistro compilations.

We choose some oysters for our starters, knowing it’s from Wright brothers I couldn’t resist knowing they are fresh, juicy and delicious. The drinks we ordered took a very long time to arrive; my fresh orange was being freshly pressed in the kitchens.

I finally decided to opt for the smoked salmon, and haddock fish cake, poached egg with chive butter sauce. The pairing of both smoked salmon and haddock hit the notes right, and the silkiness of the fish with the poached egg balanced the saltiness perfectly.

My friend also opted for a fish mains, her one came beautifully presented, full of vibrant colours.

Having looked at the menu I was eager to have apple donuts and cinnamon vanilla ice cream, I was extremely happy that the donuts had a ring of a real apple inside and not filled with dough. The ice cream was velvety and sweet.

My friend went for English apple crumble, vanilla custard.

we both thoroughly enjoyed our meal. The bill was roughly £35 each and we be happy to go again!

The Gun 27 Coldharbour Docklands London E14 9NS T: 020 7515 5222 E:
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