Bustling in the multicultural part of north London, in Camden Town, lies a scientific laboratory nitrogen ice cream parlour. Just seconds away from Camden lock, you will find Chin Chin Laboratorists. The ice cream parlour makes fresh ice cream on the spot, and you can see the owner Ahrash Akbari-Kalhur, making your order.

There were 3 flavours to choose from, and I fancied the peanut butter and jam jelly sandwich. Describe by Chin Chin as (A BACK TO SCHOOL LUNCHBOX SPECIAL, CARAMELISED BREAD CRUMBLE, RICH TOASTED PEANUT BUTTER ICE CREAM RIPPLED WITH HOMEMADE RASPBERRY JAM)

If you ever own your own ice cream maker, you know you have to mix your own flavour and pour it into an ice cream maker. The flavours are poured from the test tubes into the ice cream maker and nitrogen gas is added to make the ice cream denser and smoother.ย  The ice cream was really delicious, packed with flavours reminding me of my primary school days. Will update this post with a video of how they make the icecream when I can.

They also serve my two favourite brands Monmouth coffee and jing tea.


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