camino mixto platter

Camino Blackfriars is the latest instalment in the city, with the soft opening offering 50% off the food bill we couldn’t resist. Hidden behind the backstreet of Blackfriars and Harry’s pizzeria as their neighbour, it is a perfect spot some quiet lunch/dinner.

Heading out with the work colleagues at lunch, pre-booking a table. The server was quick to take our orders, however it then went downhill. Orders were lost, and plates came one at a time, we were conscious about our 1-hour lunch break and it over ran because our food didn’t come out. It seriously did take Camino 1-hour to prepare the cheese and meat board (photo not shown).

camino mixto plattercamino blackfrais

With the negative aside, I did enjoy the food, well-balanced flavours, freshly made. Portions are a decent size, and I have been back twice since the soft launch and had better experiences. The platter had plenty of variety of tapas, from peppers, chorizo, olives, calamari and ham croquettes.
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