Found this near my work place, the decor was intriguing enough for me to pop inside and it did not disappoint. A array of fresh Spanish style baguettes was presented either to have as a whole or in halves. I didn’t noticed the hot wraps until I was at the till, then right there in front of my face was a blackboard with the words churros and chocolate. I just had to get my donuts, it was misleading I thought I was getting chocolate sauce with the donuts but it was hot chocolate lol. The churros tasted like Chinese fried dough but in a more crispier form. More on the salty side then a sweet variation the dough was light compared to the Brazilian I have had in the past.

The baguette was yummy, was disappointed with the actual bread but the ingredients was tasty, all sorts of flavours and textures was going on as I ate the baguette.

I shall be returning for the milk the this week