The rise of fried chicken in London has exploded over the last few years. I’m not talking about the PFC’s that surrounds high streets. With plenty of contenders is there such thing as great fried chicken? Started off as a night at home with fried chicken and beer, founders of Coqfighter Chicken & beer Troy and brothers Deacon and Tristan evolved their idea into a menu. Trading previously as Wingman in the pop-up scene, Coqfighter now has residency in both Boxpark sites in Croydon and Shoreditch.

The menu is dedicated to all things chicken, burgers, k-wings and bao buns with some sides. I visited the Bethnal Green boxpark and wanted a light lunch so opted for the K-wings. Served in portions from 5 to 32 pieces it comes with a paintbrush to slap the sauce right on the wings. These wings are similar to the ones I made using Foodbusker Korean fried chicken recipe. Chicken twice fried with vodka and sesame batter served with pots of sweet soy & garlic glaze and Korean hot sauce. The great thing about the one in Boxpark is that Coqfighter has its own designated area to eat in, without going out to the long benches sitting with other strangers.

It’s the first time I’ve been given a paintbrush to add my sauce but I prefer it since I can control how much sauce goes on the wing. The K-wings itself is life changing super crispy and light, meat is piping hot and tender combined with the two sauces you can rip the layers of meat with full bodied Asian flavours. Coqfighters are not stingy with the chicken either, each piece was big and the portion or 5 really filled me up. Be warned the only way to tackle these chicken wings is to use your hands and it gets real messy. Be sure to sit by the rolls of kitchen towel secured to the wall.


10 Bethnal Green Rd


E1 6HT

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