the little yellow door

Looking for this particular Little Yellow Door number 68, along Nottinghill Gate, was proved tricky to find. Google maps seemed to make me go round in circles until I spotted another fellow blogger having a fag by the door and the friendly doorman. It’s hard to find, to save you from confusion just look for the red souvenir shop seconds away from the exit.

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Climbing up the upstairs, upon entering is the cloakroom, this may seem strange as the website for Little Yellow Door states a pop up flat. It turns out the place was a former bar, and the 4 flatmates do live upstairs on the second floor. Invited down for preview of the Friday night’s dinner party, we started with welcoming drinks. Tazza Di Te, a concoction of earl grey fused gin, lemon, gomme and egg white. The setting is all quirky looking with statues of animals stick out on the walls, and a projector screens a movie.

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Pierre the latest housemate to host and cook the Friday Night dinner party hailed from Paris he grew up hating his mother’s cooking and by the time he became a teen. He would cook the main meals for the family. The night’s theme was Italian and we enjoyed a multicourse meal with great varieties.

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Starting with French charcuterie sharing boards, burrata, prociutto, smoked beef carpaccio, arancini, served with accompaniments and cold meats. The antipasti selection constantly hit the good marks amongst the table. I particularly loved the stuffed rice balls with truffle and porcini mayonnaise and the beef carpaccio, with capers and mustard dressing.

IMG_6466 IMG_6472 IMG_6473 Little Yellow Door

The following courses were served more of the family cooked meal way, big trays of egg tagliatelle with spiced duck ragu waiting to be scooped into bowls and big bowl of belly porchetta with baby vegetables. Both dishes executed well, spice duck ragu was bold and smooth and belly pork tenderly cooked.

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Our dolci was a petite selection of desserts on a board. Tiny jar pots filled with chocolate and tiramisu panna cotta, pine nut tart and Sicilian cannelloni.

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Our last cocktail in the evening was an expresso martini and cigarettes, if you have the energy, tables clear and the place you can focus on drinking and partying the night away. For £35, you get good restaurant quality family cook multicourse meal and two cocktails.

68, Notting Hill Gate, London, W11 3HT

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