The Joint

Hidden in shadows of Oxford Circus back streets is the latest offering of BBQ restaurant. The Joint was born from a pop up, by Warren and Darren a chef and a baker. The Joint has been around Brixton for a while and their new site in New Cavdendish Street just opened.

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For all your delicious mouth-watering smoky pulled pork and short ribs needs head down there whilst you can. We arrived at 6pm and place was particular empty with 2 tables of diners. We ordered cocktails by the bar and was seated with another couple, the hole in the table with an empty metal container becomes useful when you tackle your food, disposing the paper that wraps your food.

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Cocktails were pleasurable, working combinations and flavours balanced out. Our side orders came wrapped in parcels of paper with a little brown tag of labels. Unwrapping the parcels, gorgeous golden delicious big picked onion rings and hot wings smothered in a mild hot sauce with treacle consistency.

IMG_6143 the joint onion rings

Next, the chin-dripping juicy beef short rib, fell off the bone immediately. Sweet bang delicious, my friend and I just kept nodding at each other with approval. Short rib was the favourite from the meal, licking our lips after the last bite.

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Sweetcorn full of bright golden yellow colour, and BBQ butter was tasty and made a great side to balance out the winter smoky flavours.

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There are five mains to choose from, and yes even a vegetarian option; my choice was the 16-hour slowed cooked pulled pork. I didn’t fancy eating buns, our neighbours were struggling with the amount of bread they had. All wrapped up, my shredded up pork floss, lettuce, tomatoes, slaw and candid apple bacon, enthrallingly flavoured.

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The joint is a worthy destination for quick fast gulp worthy food, the peacock artwork is brilliant. Prices are worth penny for the amount of food you get.

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19 New Cavendish Street

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