It’s coming up to spring when the flowers start to bloom from winter and soon summer will be around the corner. For my sponsored post today I like you to think about stepping up your BBQ game with Heston Blumenthal impressive Everdure BBQ range that’s available at John Lewis.

Heston Blumenthal is one of the world’s top chefs, he has a high curiosity in the history of food and adds a spark of theatrical fun to everything he touches. The Fat Duck is still high up on my list to dine restaurants around the world. He has teamed up with Everdure to create a range of barbeques and accessories heavily involved with the design with his professional experience and cooking knowledge.


The innovative range makes it easy for anyone to quick start the charcoal concentrating on barbequing the food. The range has three charcoal and two gas-powered electric ignition barbeques. The aluminium metal casing means it doesn’t rust.

The charcoal product features the fast ignition lighter that allows cooking for 10 minutes. You can even control the heat with knobs. Another impressive feature is the built in rotisserie function. Yes, you can now roast 15kg of meat on one of these Fusion barbeques with rotiscope technology.

My hot pick out of the range is the portable CUBE, it’s combat shape makes it easy to use home or away. Looking like a bento box the integrated storage holds a food storage tray and bamboo preparation board with plenty of room to store coal. Here is a true story, whilst on a getaway to the beach with friends we took a disposable BBQ tray and stayed at this hotel and we asked the owner if we could BBQ on the porch we left the tray on the bench and it left behind burnt marks. Well, the base of the CUBE has a built in heat protector shield that can be safely placed on any surfaces the problem is which colour to choose?

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