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Along the long stretch of Trafalgar Road, amongst the many restaurants, is a particular steakhouse. Now Rare Steakhouse is an unexpected find in Greenwich, having Foxlow being booked up during LRF my friend found Rare online. Booking a group of eight people, the person who picked up the phone asked what the occasion was. It seems like bookings of eight is non-existent in their world. She lied saying it was a family dinner.


Arriving a little late, handed the menus; the choice of steaks is extensive beef is sourced from Macduff Scottish Farms. Dry aged and mature to perfection. A lot of seafood dishes for starters, mains, and randomly Thai cuisine options.

Rare Steakhouse

The choice of cuts is rump, fillet, venison lion, porterhouse, ribeye, t-bone, veal t-bone and prime rib. All of the steaks include a side dish and chef sauce. The from the grill option have lamb, chicken, fish and tuna choices.


A little advance warning, bowls of olives and bread will be placed on your table and is added to the bill. A bottle of water will set you back to £6 so be careful, as the price is not on the menu.

Rare Steakhouse

My friends ordered some extra starters and I had a bite from each of them, and they were pretty darn tasty. Sweet, delicious seafood, combined with natural flavourful sauces, it was a winner.

rare steakhouse IMG_9493

I ordered a medium rare fillet, as I love mine-cooked tender with pink in the middle. The plate came presented in 8oz belly filling delight, with Rare signed on the plate with sauce. My fillet was cooked perfect, so tender and flavourful without the need of any accompanied sauce. Ever since I had Stilton at Goodmans and saw the extensive selection of sides and sauces, it was my number one choice. Super thick like cremate waiting to settle, I poured the sauce all over my meat. My choice of sides was a bowl of lovely creamy cheese mash, velvety smooth with no lumps.


Rare Steakhouse was unexpected good, it’s no wonder there’s raving reviews by diners all over the Internet. My companions and I have decided we must go back for steaks again. Steaks so juicy it bursts in your mouth. I still don’t know if it beat the steak I had at Malta, but it’s one big contender.

113 Trafalgar Rd London, UK SE10 9TS


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