Miller & Carter Steakhouse

As the sky transition from light to dark and temperature starting to plummet to coldness. It was time to head back to the hotel to freshen up and stay warm. Spending the whole day from the plane journey to touring all day in Edinburgh took a lot of energy. Needing another meal, Miller & Carter was just 2 minutes away.

Miller & Carter Steakhouse

Miller & Carter is a steakhouse under the Mitchells & Butlers group. They have been around for over 12 years, a chain operating all over the UK. The interior seems to be consistent deep red and dark brown colours. Wooden booths and spotlights hovering over the table.


Greeted with open arms seating in the warmth, the waiter handed over the menu. They have a few prime cuts on the menu, sirloin, fillet, rump, ribeye, T-bone, bistro rump in either 8oz or 12oz.

Miller & Carter Steakhouse


Ordering steak, it comes with a wedge of lettuce and dressing of my choice. Stilton & blue cheese crumbled on top. Rich and mellow flavour and pungent aftertaste. Sirloin 12oz steak came on a white plate, meat glistening, a knob of parsley butter slowly melting on the top of the steak. The strange looking onion bhaji looking thing is Miller & Carter famous onion loaf. A metal gravy boat is filled with my choice of classic Béarnaise and a side of the beef tomato. Steaks at M&C is pretty decent a lot of meat, easy to cut through. 12 oz was a struggle to finish and I had to leave half on the plate.

Miller & Carter Lettuce salad


Elderflower sherbet mocktails come in huge round glass, delicious and refreshing apple and lime juice mixed in with elderflower cordial, finished with lemonade.


Service is great, attentive staff quick service, without being hurried. You don’t need to blow the bank here and the quality of the steak is adequate.


29-31 Frederick St, Edinburgh EH2 2ND


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