Bubble tea is one of the things that I’ve grown up drinking; those chewy tapioca balls accompanied with an array of flavours of different teas milk, fruit, smoothies, it makes a refreshing treat all year round. My favourite used to be Treasure Island from Jen’s Cafe, now I’ve grown to love the different tea styles, such as HK style, Taiwanese, Malaysian, Thai etc.  The bubble tea scene has grown along the years, and I only heard recently about chatime.

Chatime has many outlets in Asia, and they finally made it over here in London, the branch is very tiny across from Bincho in old Crompton st, and the place is always packed out.

What I love about chatime bubble teas is the toppings used; silky smooth like tofu puddings and mushy sweet red beans has gotten me addicted to this place.

The tea here is pretty amazing too and the combo of the delicious mouth watering toppings and tea makes one fine beverage.

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