I’m an avid tea drinker, both in the British and Chinese culture; tea drinking is consumed at social events. I’m quite well known as the tea dealer girl to people, with a wide range of tea in my personal stash.  teapigs is a brand I have been drinking recently since my trip to keu, I love the Moroccan mint tea.

teapigs has launched “top of the crops” limited edition range, starting with Darjeeling first flush.  The Indian tea bushes hibernate during winter months and reopen for spring months in march. Did you know Darjeeling is also known as champagne of teas?

Darjeeling is drunk on it’s on, with no sugar and milk, once fully brewed it bodies a light, coloured infusion with floal musky aromas. teapigs first flush Darjeeling takes 3 mins to brew, the tea is very light, yet has a very subtle taste, very light in colour and aroma.

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