choc shot

Being a chocoholic doesn’t mean you need to pile on the pounds with Choc Shot. Each teaspoon is just 14 calories, a low GI, gluten, GM, nut, soya, wheat, and dairy free, making it a healthier choice for chocolate lovers. HELL YEAH!

choc shot liquid chocolate choc shot

Making hot chocolate with this is a dream, no horrible powdery lumps and a few squirts is all I need for a smoothing luxurious tasting drink.

IMG_0972 IMG_0979 IMG_0995

Choc shot goes beyond hot chocolate; you can use it on toast, make porridge bars, as a chocolate sauce for desserts.

choc shot

The 320g bottles is £3.59 and can be found at the major supermarkets and coming soon to Holland and Barrett.

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