It was one of those nights, late October/November last year; the rain chuckled down onto my face as soon as I got out of Whitechapel station. The market along the road was still open, and all sorts of characters wondered around.

I lived in East London for most of my life; Whitechapel is all too familiar to me. The destination was Tayyabs, a family run Punjabi restaurant since 1972.

It’s not a very easy place to look for hidden in the backstreets of East London; even I was scared walking around by myself in the dark. I had to make a trip to Tesco beforehand, as Tayyab allows you to BYOB, selecting red wine for our feast.

photo 1
mango lassi

After 15 mins later I finally made it to Tayyabs, my friend’s boyfriend already arrived. We waited for the rest of the party to arrived and was rushed to our seats. I ordered a jug of mango lassi, a must to wash down the spicy curries.

photo 5
Tayyabs infamous lambchops

As soon as the rest arrived we ordered our curries and nan bread, plus those infamous lamb chops.

photo 3

We had 3 curries between the 8 of us and 6 portions of lamb chops, and a nan bread each. I have totally forgotten which curries we ordered, but I remember they were all delicious and mild. Nothing was too spicy and enjoyed dipping my nan bread into the curry.

photo 4

The sweet nan bread was recommended by a friend who saw me checked in that night.

photo 2

The lamb chops comes on a hot sizzling plate and crackled as soon as it landed on table. We loved them so much we ordered so many.

The only bad thing about this place is the service, we try to grab the attention of a waiter, but they kept saying we had to wait for the one that took our orders. They really rushed our dining experience, and even cleared my friend’s plate which he was still eating from. 4 people cleared our table in a record breaking 2 mins.

Food is good, but down expect a 5 star customer service, they are busy they want people in and out quick time. Between the 8 of us the meal came up to around £15pp.

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