With the long winter spells last year, all I wanted to do was huddle up next to the fireplace at home. My friends and I decided to head over to Little Lamb for some hot pot.

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Hot pot is perfect to gather a bunch of mates for cooking your own food in a steam pot and conversations. Little lamb has been around for years, I remember passing by in my teens looking through the cloud of steamed windows.

They claim to be a Mongolian and Chinese restaurant. I have encountered a Mongolian man on my travels, but the only thing I picked up was the love of eating meat raw.

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The £20 per person set menu is a bargain, choose a soup stock and 5 items each, from long varied lists, vegetables, to thinly sliced meats, noodles and many more.

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We carefully chosen the herbal tonic as our soup base, after an incident of buying schezuan for a family hot pot I vouched never to touch the stuff ever again. It ended up with my family members running to the kitchen to rinse their tongue from the lethal spice. The portions are enormous with 20 dishes between the four of us; we failed to even finish half the dishes. Dipping our chopsticks in the shared pot, we eagerly waited for the food to cook.

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The herbal tonic base was rather nice, and I just LOVED the homemade plum tea. I wished I was wise and ordered the jug. Overall, I think £24/25 per person was certainly worth the price, a great variety of ingredients and it’s all good messy fun and interactive for dining out session.

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