The bright bold yellow and red packaging stands out from the supermarket shelves, sizzling pans tossed with mince or chicken pieces and Mexican seasoning. Do you know the stuff I’m talking about? It’s Old El Paso!

Old El Paso Old El Paso old el paso

I was invited down to their headquarters to see their brand new product soft shell tacos in action. The canteen is like a retro American diner, having some nibbles we chatted away.

Did you know Old El Paso original product began with canned tomatoes? Since then it’s been 80 years in the making creating tasty Mexican products to tables. Their concept is simple; cooking should be fun, social, fresh, colourful and rolling up your sleeves.

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There are three different kits and one-shell package available at all major supermarkets. With an exclusive flavour just for Tesco. Food was very easy to whip up; overlooking the beautiful skyline we cooked our meats seasoned with spices in a matter of minutes. The chef at Old El Paso headquarters even made sauces from scratched.

My favourite flavour has to be the smoky BBQ one, every bite had full on flavour, without the need of hours of marinating. The shells are designed to stand even with hot food and salads stuffed to the max. Not once did it turn soggy avoiding those awkward situations of turning my top into a bib. Well tortillas and tacos are made to be messy with our fingers.

Old El Paso Old El Paso Old El Paso

Mexican food is made for sharing and you can cheat and cut down minutes using Old El Paso products. I’ve been using them for years for quick lunches with the family. What are your favourite products? Have you tried the soft shell tacos yet?

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