A few years ago a black pouch of coffee pods sat inside a goody bag I received from an event. It wasn’t until I started a new job that I managed to test out the Nepresso compatible coffee pods. Even after those years, the coffee retained that freshness. Cru kafe circular sticker on the black resealable aluminium, opening up the pouch and the smell of freshly roasted coffee hits the nose straight away. Cru kafe is an ethical organic coffee company, I realised that one of my favourite chefs John Quilter aka the food busker I follow co-founded the company. Frustrated with the standard coffee pods on the market, three friends made it their mission to create their own. The coffee is organic, fair trade and one of the tastiest coffees around. The samples I’ve tried were so good that I ordered more coffee from their website plus a minipresso for myself. Not long afterwards I eventually brought myself a Nepresso machine.


As with any Nepresso machine, they are a breeze to use turning on the machine, add filtered water in the reservoir, pop the pod into the machine, pulled the lever and press a button. Voila, watch your chosen coffee come down the nozzle. I love how the thin layer of crema foams on top of the coffee.

The same smell from opening up the bag can still be smelt from the freshly made brew. Depending on what roast you go for different notes are tasted. I really Cru Kafe coffee, they have more depth in flavour than the original Nepresso pods. Taste goes on par with the favourite Australian hipster coffee joints I love so much. A pack of 12 can cost you only 29p for a cup of coffee. Saving you a lot of money from shop brought ones.


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