Sundays, they are just made for the day to have dim sum with either family or friends. My friend D & I was around the area, and wanted a comfortable quiet setting to have a cocktail & some nibbles. Located by the heart of Camden Stables Market. Taking the escalator up to a new world of Gilgamesh, guided through the maze towards the lounge area. Along the way, I was already impressed by all the deco. Every inch was luxuriously detailed with the WOW factor.

gilgamesh gilgamesh

Seated by the longue area, we had luxurious comfortable seats to rest. Given the bar menu, I saw the expensive magnum by the bottle. Since we were mainly here just for a few drinks, we shared a dim sum basket for £10. The dim sum tasted quite average and I know I had better. Read my article on Princess Garden of Mayfair or Min jiang. It was good to the last morsel, and enough to fend off the slight hunger.

gilgamesh dim sum platter

I decided on assyrin cocktail, surprisingly it came in a large wide glass; it was the sweet tingling berry flavour, with some sharp citrus notes. Drinking the ice-cold beverage was the perfect way to help cool off from the summers heat.

IMG_9923 IMG_9928

Gilagamesh is a stunner, a big maze with many rooms; it’s the perfect setting for romantic meals or private parties. I do want to try out more of the food next time, the drinks were good and there are plenty of spaces to be seared.

The Stables Market Chalk Farm Rd London, UK NW1 8AH

{google_map}The Stables Market Chalk Farm Rd London, UK NW1 8AH{/google_map}

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