Somewhere in an East London pub, there are eggs hatching and chickens roaming the rooftop and vines of plants growing on the walls. Sounds bizarre, but the newly renovated pub The Victoria is just that and so much more.

The Victoria - kitchen room


The Victoria is brought to you by The yummy pub, they aim to be different by growing their own food which turns into soon to be the plate of your food and also use local source food. Open early morning for the early birds come and grab yourself one from the artisan coffee bar.

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The first floor has separate rooms with a different theme, the family friendly room is great for the kids to hide away from the pub front, and the secret stash of scotch is hidden in a cupboard. If you wish to watch your food being cooked then sit yourself in The Kitchen Room.

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My favourite place of all has to be the secret room near the loos. From the outside it looks like mirror, take a closer look and you think your eyes and mind is playing tricks with you when you see a flicker of candlelight’s. Stumble inside the secret door to Narina, and you fall inside to Magri’s cocktail bar.

Magri's cocktail bar Magri's cocktail bar


Just when you think you explored everywhere else, you have Charlie’s cocktail caravan parked in the pub’s garden. A perfect hideout with your friends for private parties of food and drinks.

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My verdict on the food having tasting the British tapas, a great selection of food available on the menu. Food is locally sourced, and the rooftop farm is a great addition for knowing what goes in your food. The dips had incredible flavour; I did feel some of the stuff needed some extra seasoning. The jerk chicken salad had a good balance of spice, with plenty of meat, portions are modest.

It was the drinks that I preferred at Magri’s cocktail bar, the mixologists conjure some great combinations and the live band was a joy to watch. I can see myself coming in for coffee and siting in a room hiding away doing work.

110 Grove Road, Mile End, London, E3 5TH

{google_map}110 Grove Road, Mile End, London, E3 5TH{/google_map}

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