It was another triumph night for me, I’m real competitive and always want to win. The more I learn about the drink industry the more curious I become. I’m far from becoming a mixologist, I even brought the Diffords Cocktails The bartenders bible to study cocktail making.

Diffordsguide Cocktails: The Bartender’s Bible

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The lovely people over Funkin Cocktails invited me on a night out of making cocktails at Bar Revolution. Making cocktails can be a tricky business, measuring different amount of spirits and juices. Funkin Cocktails has made it simple; all the products contain 100% natural fresh fruit cocktails. The pouches or cartons contains all the non-alcoholic ingredients all you need is to add the alcohol.  Throw it in a shaker full of ice and there’s your perfect cocktail ready to drink.

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The night started with platters of food from Bar Revolution, and gorgeous fresh chilli con carne, tortilla chips and onion rings. An ice blended strawberry daiquiri mixed with funkin products greeted us. Combining Polish and Spanish strawberries with zesty lime and a hint of mint, it was a delight.

Once we finished up, we were taken over to the bar.

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What I didn’t’ expect was a night of laughter and fun, this was no ordinary cocktail making class. Games were involved, and the very first our mentor did was made us down shots.

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Then he introduced us to the punishment shot, jalapeno pepper vodka. Losing was out of the question for me and lucky I only had to play one round. Ha.

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It was a race against time for the first round, the ladies had to make the cocktails the fastest sharing one set of ingredients. The second round, 2 people were blind folded whilst the puppeteer control their hands to make the long island ice teas.

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The third round I was up against another person making the classic cosmopolitan.

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I won by being the quickest and having the tastiest one but failed on burning the orange zest at the end and escape drinking the punishment shot.

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Last but not least we watched the domino train vodka shots being prepare.

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Watch my video below.

Thanks Funkin Cocktails and Bar Revolution for having me you can buy Funkin products in supermarkets ranging from £2.50.

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