Nothing beats some fresh hot doughnuts from the fryer, although I must admit it’s my second time making them.

I managed to get a recipe from “the bakers daughter”; it’s a beautiful book with lots of illustrations and photos from Louise Johncox. Baking is still all too new for me, and I’m willing to learn through trials and errors.


The doughnuts recipe looked the simplest to start off with, and I’m so pleased with the results following the step-by-step guide.

IMG_4371 IMG_4373 IMG_4375

The doughnuts resembled to almost the ones sold in the shops, I need to work on kneading skills and controlling the temperature of the oil for frying.

IMG_4376 IMG_4378

Who knew making the simplest thing could take so much time and effort. From this attempt I know what mistakes to rectify for my next batch. I look forward to baking more treats from the book, as a tea and cake lover, I want to attempt to bake my own cakes.

Doughnuts 'the bakers daughter"
Doughnuts ‘the bakers daughter”

IMG_4379 IMG_4382

You can buy the book from amazon and bookstores.

The Baker’s Daughter: Timeless recipes from four generations of bakers

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