After our day trip from Macau we arrived back to one of the Hong Kong ferry terminals and decided to head back to the local area of Mong Kok for dinner. The beauty of Hong Kong is that it is pretty much a 24-hour city with colourful neon lights throughout the districts. It is rare for restaurants to have long queues that you need to wait for hours. One of my favourite comforts Chinese foods is the roast meat with plain steamed rice.

In London we are blessed with many Hong Kong immigrants opening up restaurants with great cookery skills but never beats eating the dishes in Hong Kong. One thing that you can have in Hong Kong and not in London is roast goose. At Hee Wan Roasted Kitchen I had one of my favourite combination of roast duck and char siu. I found in Hong Kong char siu portions are sliced up thicker and the pork is juicier. Inches of fat layer between the thin crispy duck skin melts in your mouth. I don’t why but a plate of vegetables costs almost the same as meat, a great balance and palate cleanser for in-between bites. There’s another tip from me about Hong Kong dining most places charge you for tissue and napkins so make sure you bring tons with you.


Hee Wan Roasted Kitchen


180 Portland St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong


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