Those Americans have been invading London; during the summer we saw Five Guys and Shake Shack open in the Covent Garden area. One night “V” and I was on a spontaneous night out. It was around 7pm, stumbling around the Covent Garden market area, there was hardly and queues and we seized the chance. Given a menu, and only being slightly hungry I went for the “Shack Stack” and “Cheese Fries”.  I love the branding; it’s cute, simple and inviting.


Although the queues wasn’t so crazy, scouting for seats was a tricky business. Luckily we found seating outside, given a buzzer we waited patiently for it to vibrate. Actually I had to run to the ladies, and one of the workers kindly got our food so we didn’t have to leave our seats.


The Shack stack is a cheeseburger, stuffed with a huge crisp fried breaded mushroom stuffed with cheese. Topped with lettuce and tomatoes, shack shake uses Martin rolls, toasted in butter to give it the soft texture and sweet flavour. The mushroom was absolutely gorgeous, meaty and tasty, and the beef had a good intense flavouring.

Shake Stack
Shake Stack


The cheese fries, had a nice runny sauce and hand cut, twice fried with a crisp like texture. It was the highlight of my meal. Avoid the fresh brewed ice tea, it was watered down and had no flavour whatsoever.

cheese fries
cheese fries

The burger did give me a bad stomach reaction, and I had to reach out to po chai pills to help the pains go away. However it won’t stop me going back again, I really want to try the frozen custards out.

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