A little precious place – Han Karaoke New Malden

I often travel to New Malden just to eat some seriously good Korean food. Han karaoke is conveniently located minutes away from the rail station. The exterior bears a traditional ancient wooden style. Inside it’s built like a labyrinth with areas to uncover, the basement has state of the art karaoke rooms.

Han Karaoke
Han Karaoke

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The man outside lured us in, claiming to be the best Korean restaurant in Surrey.

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It was around midday, and the server already recommended the alcoholic cocktails. I caved in a brought one, and chatted about soju. I hesitated to try soju at first seeing many dreadful episodes of people and their slurred speech aftermath. I bravely said no.

Each table had an in built hot stove BBQ set. My friend and I went for cooked mains and starters to share.

han kimchi pancake
han kimchi pancake

The kimchi pancake was a true beauty. Nice and crispy on the exterior with enough flavours. Fresh ingredients balanced the seafood & flour. I can officially say it is the best pancake I’ve tried so far.

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Spicy rice cakes came just right in temperature. The heat was medium, just perfect for me.

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My katsu udon, seemed like a Japanese influenced dish and it delivered. There were succulent pieces of golden brown chicken with a light seasoning on the udon.

I highly recommend Han, and have since been back to try the Korean BBQ which I will write up at a later date.

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