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Burgers, burgers, burgers joints they are everywhere we go, it was now time to take on Five Guys after the hype died down. Queues still formed from outside the Covent Garden site. Another US import, will it cut the mark for between the other competitors? Last summer biggest fuss was Shake Shack and Five Guys, both opening in the Covent Garden area.

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The evening I arrived queues were short, branding of Five Guys reminded me of formula one tyres. Red and white colours, sacks of nuts scattered around the place free for all customers. There’s a coke machine serving over 100+ flavours, I never set foot to that area and I’m curious to what flavours they have.

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I ordered something simple a small cheeseburger with chips, as the big one sounded like a supersize me stack. I picked up my order from the counter. A small brown paper bag presented, filled with chips inside a small cup. Unwrapping the silver foiled sheet, a deflated bun sloped together with a mustard yellow cheese. It didn’t look pretty, taste wise. An upgrade to Mc Donald’s, good mince patty, with just the right amount of seasoning, filled with relish, lettuce, tomatoes and gherkins but nothing special. The sesame seed bun is similar, pillow like and soft.

Five Guys

I heard good things about the chips; I opted for the Cajun style ones with a coated seasoning cooked in peanut oil. Picking one chip at a time, it flopped and snapped in half like a strong wind denting a lamppost. I felt it was also disappointing and prefer Shake Shack a lot more.

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I left Five Guys confused, confused to why it’s here in London. Why are they expanding sites? What is the fuss over this place? Right now the great US import has to be hands down Shake Shack, although London has many better burger joints.

1-3 Long Acre London, UK WC2E 9LH

{google_map}1-3 Long Acre London, UK WC2E 9LH{/google_map} 

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  1. Well, I’ve been into five guys a few times. The queue used to be a lot bigger, as they’ve expanded now. I go for the small burger which is a regular burger european size. From a fast food perspective I really like the place, I like the spicy chips and the way it’s all so quick. I’ve tried Shake Shack and was not impressed at all, both fries and burger were a disappointment. But I do agree with you totally in one thing, London has a lot better burgers, such as Honest Burgers. But it’s a different type I would say.

    1. I feel like i prefer what London has on offer, shake shack and five guys are ok but not the best. Would love to try in and out burgers one day.

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