Good 小籠包 is hard to come by in London, the other times I visited Leong’s Legend for this dish, and I was left rather disappointed. Forth time lucky, the Xiao Long Bao finally tasted great, with the soup exploding my spoon as you tackle the first bite. My batch was slight uncooked with the pastry still being raw. I was happy to gobble the whole portion to myself, on top of that I ordered some ja jeung mien watching Korean Drama’s I was eager to try the stuff. The mein was actually flat sticks of Ho fun, and the sauce and meat was more of tangy Bolognese. It was tasty but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the real authentic ja jeung mien that I longed for.

The Taiwanese tea gets big thumbs up for me, a pint full of goodness with great flavours.


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