Milk Tea & Pearl

I love my bubble tea, it’s a gratifying favourite of mine having the best of both worlds of delicious tasting tea and dessert rolled into one.

Milk Tea & Pearl is one of the places where it can deliver a good and bad bubble tea. When it’s good, you want to drink it until the last drop. When it’s bad you have to chuck away the watery no flavour beverage. They have two branches in London and I often frequent the Shoreditch boxpark one.

Milk Tea & Pearl Milk Tea & Pearl

I favour the fruit teas any day, with a wide of different flavours and different types of tea. You have good reason to come back for more. The fruit teas at Milk Tea & Pearl captures the real experience of Taiwanese bubble tea. The tea element is stronger without too many artificial flavours. The tapioca balls are super chewy with a hint of honey. There’s also those flavoured balls that burst in your mouth with juice. A bit like a gigantic caviar rolling inside your mouth.

Milk Tea & Pearl is at Oxford Street and Boxpark.

Milk Tea & Pearl

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