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Smack Deli is the one that away from the mainstream chain Burger & Lobster. In favour of all things lobster, it was the only thing I ever ordered at Burger and Lobster. They set up a home by Bond Street, Mayfair at Binnery Street. The menu is short with 4 different lobster rolls, whole lobster and sides. The menu did seem different to the one on the website as I did not see lobster chowder when I visited. Prices are currently £7.50 for take-out and £9 to eat in for the lobster rolls, a whole lobster £10/£12.

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Once you place your order, you are handed a buzzer and wait for your food to be ready and collect it. The kitchen is large and you can watch people prepare the food. The premises are huge with dim surroundings and cool music playing in the background. Interesting art and deco can be found here, the deep blue sea and mermaids on a wall. A bathtub filled with ice and beer they brew themselves.

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I got the seven samurai, lobster claw chunks, chopped Japanese cabbage, pickled ginger, togarashi spice mixed in with Japanese mayo loaded into a half split brioche bun. The brioche at Smack Deli tastes far better than the one at Burger & Lobster, more buttery and crisp. The seven samurai plays with different taste, leaving you with a whirlwind of flavours. The togarashi spice certainly punctured through a tiny egg split in your mouth and the chilli kicks in.

Seven Samurai

I am glad my favourite dish has opened up their cheaper easier to get hold off lobster rolls. Save yourself the queue from Burger & Lobster (last time I waited for 1 hour for a table) and head down to Smack Deli instead. The team behind the successful group is Goodmans, a group that I can trust.

Seven Samurai

Now I need to ask myself when will I go and try the other flavours out, people have also hyped up the courgette fries.

{google_map}6 Binney Street, London, W1K 5BN{/google_map}

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