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I turn into the back streets of Oxford Circus leading me towards Liberty of London. Turning another corner I see the arch sign for Carnaby Street, I walk past the trendy clothes and shoe shops until I find another side street leading me Kingly Court. Where do your eyes wander over the three floors of restaurants and shops, but its Wright Brothers Soho House I come to return to again.



It’s been a while Wright Brothers, this becoming the third visit. Wright Brothers invited me down to a meal. Paying a visit one early week evening, people were eating outside with their glasses of wine/champagne. The waiter led us to the corner of the restaurant placing two menus one for food and the other drinks.


Wright Brothers Soho Oyster House is a lovely ambient place with maroon soft leather cushioned seats and using candlelights for that dimmed lightening atmosphere.


He asked if we wanted water, we shared a bottle between us deciding what to eat. It’s a given to order Wright Brothers oysters. Wright Brothers are known to get the freshest quality fish straight from sea to plate. I told the waiter I wasn’t particular fond of salty oysters and he recommended Carlingford (from Ireland) and Lindisfarne (Northumberland) ones. Starters I ordered salmon ceviche and S ordered Alaskan king crab meat. The waiter explained how the real size of the king crab was as big as the table we were seated on.


We went on to order our mains, the whole East Sussex crab appealed to me the most, and the waiter pre-warned that I needed to be prepared to battle my food. I bravely took the challenge on. S ordered roast Dorset cod. Warm bread and butter were served.


Meanwhile, a chrome stand was placed on the table, in a bed of crushed ice, six beautiful oysters, shallot wine vinegar and wedges of lemon. A Carlingford oyster has that sweet, nutty flavour with an incredibly creamy texture. Whilst the Lindisfarne oyster delivers a sweet long metallic taste and a very silky texture.







Once we devoured all the oysters the stand was taken away. Our starters came, my Hamachi salmon came in four sashimi slices, dressed in a soy, mirin and truffle oil sauce with a tiny scoop of blood orange sorbet.

IMG_2708 hamachi_sashimi_soy_mirin

S Alaskan king crab meat had simple flavouring of lemon oil and spring onion.



As the plates cleared I was given my weapons (tools) for the upcoming battle with food. Honestly, I never used a seafood cracker or steel forks in my life. I’ve been fortunate enough lobster and crabs I have ever eaten has been picked out for me. The waiter asked if I needed a bib and I took it.


When that plate of crab came out I was in for a shocker, first of all it was massive, secondly I knew it be quite some work to eat my meal. Even with the seafood cracker I struggled to crack some of that crab shell. Eating like an elegant lady had to be thrown out the window and I picked up the crab legs to suck the sauce and meat out. The way the crab was cooked in black pepper, yogurt, and basil leaves, and almonds cut through the strong crab taste. Sauce scattered all over my bib I had to give some away to S, but the neighbouring table looked at my food with gleaming eyes and ordered the same dish for herself.

whole_sussex_crab_yoghurt IMG_2729

S roasted cod fillet lay on a bed of thick creamy hummus and yuzu sauce, pickled mushrooms piled on top. The cod fillet flaked as soon as a fork passed through.

roast_cod_fillet_samphire IMG_2718

We finished the meal with a selection of homemade ice cream and sorbets, plus a warm chocolate fondant with salted caramel ice cream. Ice cream came in clay small pot and was delicious especially the lemon and salted caramel one.


IMG_2747 wright_brothers_chocolate_fondant_salted_caramel IMG_2752

Chocolate fondant oozed a warm smooth chocolate sauce and the cake moist warm.


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