Aldgate East

It was a chilly evening in March when I headed back to Aldgate East for the one and only Malaysian Nyonya Supper club by Guan Chua. Since 2014 Guan took a sabbatical leave from his job in finance to concentrate on his Malaysian supper club and various ventures. I dragged my fellow food blogger friend Foodanddrinksnoob along with me.

Guan Chua supper club

I love the concept of a supper club you can rock up at someone’s house, dine and sit with total strangers and have a good night. You meet all kind of characters with interesting stories to share. If you’re by yourself you can still have a great time talking to new people. The food is cooked up the host and you can get the dining experience of a restaurant without the hefty price tag. In this case, the minimum suggested donation is £40 and you bring your own alcohol.

Guan Chua Malaysian Nyonya Supperclub

Having been to Guan’s supper club before I knew what to expect, amorously prepared delicious full-bodied Malaysian Nyonya food all beautifully presented on pretty plates. He is also cordon bleu trained so you know you’re in good hands.


Kicking off the night good to the last morsel sambal crab bites. Little joys of shredded crabmeat dressed in a spicy cream sauce encased in a crunchy hard shell.


Next the holy union of sweet, salt, and sour the octopus & Kangkung salad, large tentacles boiled and pan-fried is chewy and tender. Finished with greens and sweet, sour, salty thick sauce.


One of my favourites a cannonade of flavours and textures, the fried nestum cereal prawns. Deep fried prawns covered in sweet tangy sauced coated up in a buttery sweet nestum cereal flakes.


First of the mains reminded me of my mums cooking, tom yew bak, braised belly pork in soy caramel. Pork is delicate and melts in your mouth instantaneously.



Mackerel, pineapple and betel leaf curry hits the spot, neither too spicy nor hot and an added punchy tang from the pineapples.

jiu hoo char

Jiu Hoo Char is a simple assortment of shredded veg and cuttlefish to accompany the mains.



Lastly, we finished with paradise on a plate coconut parfait and candid banana along with fresh out of the oven pandan madeleines.





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