Mae + Harvey waffles

Mae + Harvey Roman Road

Roman Road is becoming more upcoming and thriving from all the new local small independent businesses. Mae + Harvey replaces the former Scandinavian restaurant Fika along Roman Road. It’s a great new local addition to the area. Serving up all day and evening food, and hosting tacos, Chinese and laksa nights. The café is relatively small and seats around 12 people, the décor is simple with light beech wood tables, and plants on tables in enamelware pots. Pastries are available by the countertop.   

Mae + Harvey

The menu is found in a corner on the wall near people who were eating, which I found annoying as it was all handwritten and quite hard to make out. The brunch menu is broken up to toasts, waffles and sarnies. Ordering a coffee and one of the waffles. Coffee is aromatic, smooth and quickly demolished before the food. Also, the table I sat was right next to the toilet and my head hit the shelf at one point.

Mae + Harvey Coffee

Mae + Harvey owner Natasha cooks up the food behind the tiny counter. Making waffles, and frying up food before plating up to be served. Dishes are served on the one and only Kana plates. Each plate is crafted by hand, hand painted and shaped irregularly for that uniqueness.  

Mae + Harvey waffles

The food presentation is well executed two waffles, one with an organic fried egg and the other had a finely sliced avocado. I had to double take and look at the zahtar halloumi, looking overcooked and burnt, I didn’t know what it was at first but after a bit was reassured the halloumi didn’t taste burnt. Waffles were on the soggy side and didn’t really tasted of anything. The beans were advertised as spicy but had no spice at all it tasting bland. The portion size is good for the £11.50 price tag and looks pleasing to the eye but a few of the things on the plate fell flat.  

I would return to Mae + Harvey for their coffee for sure and will try to explore the rest of the menu. I hear their chicken sandwiches are amazing.   

414 Roman Rd, London E3 2RZ

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