It amazes me how the street food cart business has expanded over the years; Street Kitchen was one of the first businesses I’ve heard during my humble beginnings of soul food searching. We always tweeted each other and I promised to visit them. The airstream vans seem to be constantly moving around London. We just kept missing each other, finally I had half day off and was in the Liverpool Street area.

The queues were long and people in the kitchen were frantically preparing each order, chopping the crispy in a mechanical action. Tossing all the garnishing in each take away box. I was having an anti-meat day, and opted for the vegetarian offerings.

Soft poached eggs with roasted organic mushrooms, crushed potatoes, baby leaf, shaved Winchester cheese, tarragon mayo and rosemary breadcrumbs.

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Mark Jankel and Jun Tanaka, two brilliant people, founded street Kitchen. I’ve met Jun at the Food network event and spotted him on a few occasions around London.

Thumbs up to them both for making amazing delicious fast food, each bite had an interesting taste and texture. You can taste the freshness of the ingredients, full bodied with flavour and every so often the breadcrumbs added crunch in mouthfuls. The crushed potatoes, was velvet smooth, it was a fulfilling lunch. I just wish it was nearer to my work place so I can try all the dishes!

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