This is the last chapter of my Korea travel dairies, with the last 3 days rolled into one entry.

Day 10

10am // Jegi-dong Station – Gyeongdong Market

We booked another free walking tour via Visit Korea going through traditional markets. The lovely Anna our guide gifted us with popped rice, we visited a few museums about traditional medicines and learned about the history of Seoul and it’s past Kings and leaders.

2pm // National Folk Museum

It always amazes me when I see how buildings and architecture were constructing all those years ago. This museum lets you step back into time, old barbers, salons, and shops still intact.

6pm // Style Nanda

AddressSouth Korea, Seoul, Mapo-gu, 335-21 스타일난다 플래그십 스토어

 Phone:+82 2-333-9215

Oh yes! I just had to visit the infamous shop in Hongdae for cool apparel.

Day 11

10 am // Well-being rice café

I love a bit of congee, it starts up my metabolism very well in mornings and I wanted to try the Korean-style congee. A big bowl of congee with seafood and abalone sets you back to around £6 and as per usual loads of bapsang side dishes.

12pm // Changdeokgung Palace

We headed out to Changdeokgung palace, this by far was one of my favourite palaces as it has the secret garden that can only be accessed when you in a tour group. We ended up at a time where it was the Mandarin and our guide was kinda mad that we joined, as we only understood bits and bits. So remember when you visit to check the timings of language tours.

2pm // Lunch

We found a Japanese restaurant and stopped by for some sushi. Most places in Korea you see a self-serve water sign, meaning you go to the designated area and pick up a glass and some ice-cold water from the tap or fridge. If you lucky some places give you free barley tea.

5pm // Myeondong

Back in Myeondong we shopped and took a break in a dessert café. I had some shaved ice dessert and French honey toast.

8pm // Deoksugung Palace

The last palace was the nearest to where we stayed near city hall. It is one of the palaces in the middle of the city meeting the new modern metropolis. You can watch the royal guards change by the entrance. My last night was spent just sitting on the swing immersing the peaceful life of my travels.

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