Day 1 

I booked a last-minute holiday to Zürich to visit the family and do a road trip to Germany. I choose to fly with Swiss air for the convenience of using Heathrow and city airports. Flights costing £144, its only 1:15 hour duration. Transport links from the airport and city is quick but can be quite pricey. A 24-hour day pass called the Zurich card can be purchased for 27CF allowing unlimited use of the trams, river boat, trains within the allocated zones. It also allows discount to tours, discounted or free entry to museums.  

Zurich Trains 

The day I arrived was late afternoon eating near the airport I wanted to try a traditional Swiss food. I was told cordon bleu is traditional, served with salad. My cousin took me to restaurant Glott club. Menus in Zurich are in German, I used google translate app to translate on demand the words. Poulet I knew from French wording for chicken. A long oblong white plate served up a cheese wrap chicken meat deep fried in breadcrumbs. Portion was ginormous and also came with roasted new potatoes and a side salad to start. If you’re into chicken schnitzel and love melted cheese you be into the rich flavours.  


Restaurant Glott 

Restaurant Pizzeria Glatthof 

Schaffhauserstrasse 126 

8152 Glattbrugg 


Day 2 

Staying in Zürich richterswil area, the train ride to Hauptbahnhof main station is 30 mins away. I made a quick stop over at in Werdstrasse near the city. I decided to find a nice brunch place for some French toast. Bubbles came up in google easy to get to. Bubbles serves up traditional English breakfast and European foods.  

I fancied something light, fluffy French toast dusted sugar powder and maple syrup and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice hit the spot.   

Processed With Darkroom


Café Bubbles 


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