Robert et Louise steakhouse

On my last night in Paris, my friend and I spent our hours in the La Marais area; cold and shivering we tried our best not to just into a random restaurant to eat. Googling restaurants in the area landing onto the tripadvisor page we found Chez Robert et Louise.



In the dark, we navigated towards rue veille du temple, stopping by Pierre Hèrmes macaroons. There were a few people outside, and the restaurant sign was visible from across the street. Curtains half-opened and a peek of diners inside. We waited 5 minutes for seats, guided downstairs we passed the open roaring stone fireplace where cooks was adding a pinch of salt to the grilled sizzling steaks.

Robert et Louise Robert et Louise

There’s a lot of cool vintage stuff downstairs, exposed white brick walls and a bicycle hung high. If you were in a small party, you would most likely have to share a table with another group. The 8-seated table we sat had another pair and later on during the meal another couple joined the table.


What’s on the menu?

Since it was a steakhouse, mainly meats and French food.


Since eating at Le Garrick back in London, I knew the escargots garlic snails were a must. For steak Dee and I ended up with entrecote ribeye steak. All main courses are accompanied with sautéed potatoes and salad.

Robert et Louise

Escargots came in a steel bowl filled with 6 large snails; each one was oozing the melted garlic butter and was quick to disappear.


Robert et Louise steakhouse
Robert et Louise steakhouse

Steak served sizzling, browned from the flaming hot grill; my piece had bit of bone marrow in the middle. My meat was a true slice of perfection, easy to chew and dissolves in the mouth. Beef was richly flavoured and the salt enhanced it’s the natural taste, completely delicious.

Robert et Louise steakhouse

Lastly, I wanted to end the meal with a dessert, a blissful tarte tatin. Fit for the gods, a truly tasty classic filled with peaches and light cream.


Robert et Louise is a charming steakhouse restaurant, a great little gem in the middle of La Marais, and I can’t believe I paid under €30. From the steaks I had so far this place has knocked the top spot from my Malta one.

Restaurant de feu à Paris.64, rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 Paris. +33 1 42 78 55 89

{google_map} 64, rue Vieille-du-Temple, Marais, 75003 Paris, France{/google_map}

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