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It’s time to write up part 2 of my Alicante adventure. After the night from the midnight fireworks from the beach, the next day we headed off to S auntie’s house. There she lived by an apartment by the beach, the perfect hideout to sit by the balcony, waiting for the small breeze of fresh air. My eyes squinting from the bright sunrays just letting your mind go forgetting about your troubles.


We left our belongings at the apartment and headed down to the Playa de la Albufereta beach. It’s a lot rockier then the beach and I had my lesson learned to bring some proper aqua shoes with me next time. My poor Havaianas kept slipping off my feet but luckily floated in the sea for me to retrieve before being swept away.

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The sea is way too salty as I accidently swallowed too much putting me off from swimming. After our top up tan time we headed back to S aunt’s apartment and had takeaway pizzas and tapas.

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We finished up and headed back to our airbnb apartment resting and getting ready for a night out in town. We found a delicious tacos place called Taquería Mexicana de Alicante tacos Calle Jorge Juan 6, 03002, Alicante. Were we indulge on small plates, tacos costing only €1.50. The fish dishes were incredible, tacos with zesty tomatoes guacamole dips and my favourite chicken enchiladas. A wall full of colourful bottles stacked with different Jarritos. It was here I tried my first ever Mexican Jarritos soft drink.

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We finished up our meals and headed out to town to a few bars for drinks. What I love about Spain is the warm weather even when night falls, I was wearing a short sleeve dress and only needed a cardigan to keep me warm until the early morn.

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The next day we went to S family penthouse and went to the pool for a few hours before heading to the airport to return to London.

Playa del Postiguet

I loved Alicante for the ease of getting to and from the airport and hitting the beach within walking distance, the cloudless sky, managing to tan in two days from the sun. It’s safe to walk around even at 2am in the morning and everything is within reach.


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