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You heard of cheese and wine, strawberries, champagne pairings, but have you heard of cheese and coffee. To heighten the taste buds, Notes invited me out to a night out of quirky combinations.

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Notes has been around since 2013, the owner Fabio Ferreira from New Zealand saw a gap in the artisan coffee world and wanted to bring good coffee into the London scene. Born in a coffee farm, he was destined to work in the coffee industry, training himself up as a barista. Notes started over a random conversation with a total stranger, and the rest is history. The very first branch opened at Borough market then quickly expanded with two more shops opening.

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At first Fabio source coffee from places, but then started to roast their own coffee. Fabio says the most popular coffee beans used is Arabia beans. You can shop the coffee online here. I was invited down to Notes Moorgate branch along with other bloggers for a Cheese and Coffee pairing.

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The very first cheese and coffee we had been Finca Pantanal & Cotherstone, coffee with granny smith apple acidity and notes of plum, melon, and white grapes. The Cotherstone cheese has crumbly and lemon flavour characteristics.

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The second pairing Don Mayo & Cornish Yarg, we all had a smell of the Don Mayo in it’s bean form and it smelled like strawberry cheesecakes with tropical aromas. Cornish Yarg had a very smooth texture, moist and creamy.


The third paring Kamiro & Munster was the strongest of all kamiro had dark chocolate and blackberry taste. The muster cheese from France, was so strong, and very tangy.


The last paring was my favourite, the weird combination of dipping Parmigiano Reggiano cheese into honey that tasted bitter and drinking La Esperanza Espresso. Dipping cheese into the bitter honey and eating it was so addicting.

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Note cheese and coffee pairings totally transformed my taste buds, eating the cheese then snipping the coffee, enhances or completely changes the flavours going on in your mouth. The best thing about Notes is that it opens day to evening until the late hours and even has a wine bar. I struggled with walking around London looking for a place to have a hot drink after 6pm, the Notes branches open until 10pm. YAY! 


CityPoint 1 Ropemaker St


020 7628 5175

Opening Hours:

Monday-Wednesday 7am-10pm
Thursday-Friday 7am-11pm

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