Pleasant Lady - jian bing
Hole in the wall Pleasant Lady

Pleasant Lady

This hole in the wall hatch in Greek Street Soho is unassuming to the eye, you can walk past it and in a blink of eye you miss what it is. This little hatch is home to a Chinese savoury crepe street food by the name of Pleasant Lady. Soley selling Jian bing, it is a popular breakfast item eaten in China. The stuck-on wallpaper poster shows a lady with the menu on offer. Prices start from £6 for the basic vegetable only with meats such as Iberico pork, cumin lamb, and miso chicken as an extra add on charge. There is also homemade soy milk on sale and herbal teas. Pleasant Lady is owned by the neighbouring Bun House, Tea room.  

Pleasant Lady jian bing stall menu

Made to order

Ordering one with Iberico pork, I watch staff cook the food in front of my eyes, pouring the batter, and using a wooden mixture spreader to spread out the batter. The batter is made up of 10 different grains, then an egg is cracked in the middle, the toppings are then added, hoi sin sauce, fermented beans, sesame paste, cilantro and peanuts.  

Pleasant Lady Soho

Pleasant Lady jian bing

Once it is ready the staff rolls the jian bing in a wrap and some paper then cut it in half. There are plenty of fillings in the crepe and strong sauce goes with the raw vegetables and crispy Iberico pork pieces. The crepe itself is very thin and crispy throughout and is a meal in itself. The sauce is a very rich, strong hoi sin flavour and goes well with the raw textures of the vegetables. 

jian bing savoury pancake
Pleasant Lady - jian bing


For more information, visit Pleasant Lady Jian Bing Trading Stall site.   

Pleasant Lady Jian Bing Trading Stall 
23 Greek St, Soho, London W1D 4DZ 

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