My friend Abi, wanted me to suggest a few places for afternoon tea and dim sum. Shanghai Blues came to mind; I have heard many things are the fabulous décor inside.  She wanted a place to cater for over 10 people and what better way to do a birthday lunch then to demolish dim sum on a Sunday.

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The venue is sophisticated fine dining experience just off from Holborn station, split into 5 areas. Once you step inside the electric blue, dim reception you be wowed over by the spectacular traditional Shanghai teahouse era deco.


shanghai blues dim sum
shanghai blues dim sum
shanghai blues custard tart
shanghai blues custard tart


We picked a small selection of dim sum and mains to share amongst us. The food was presented well, although in taste it was a hit and miss.

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The custard tarts came in a buttery flaky case, oozing with delicious warm silky creamy vanilla custard. All the prawn dishes were well executed, and enough seasoning to bring out the natural flavours.

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One of the main dishes was overly salty, I had to mop away with the delicious fruity non-alcoholic cocktails.


The fried dim sums were deep fried to crispy brown in perfection, all ingredients tasted fresh and natural flavoured with no hidden crap.


Overall a good meal, with a 50% off on Sundays the bill was split averaging to £10PP. Although the food was a bit of a hit and miss, the food was palette pleasing. There are some dim sum parlours that are worst out there.

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