bian-dang-kerb-the-beastbian-dang-london-kerbI must admit I haven’t caught up on the London Street food scene in a while, but I’m thrilled to have KERB trading at Canary Wharf locally to me. So when I had a week off I headed up to West India Quay to have some lunch. Bian Dang appealed to me when I looked it up online. As I have dreamed about eating at the night markets in Taipei. I still yet to go but I know some day I will.

[blockquote author=”” pull=”normal”]Bian Dang 便當 is a straight translation in Mandarin for a lunchbox.[/blockquote]


Bian Dang 便當 is a straight translation in Mandarin for a lunchbox.

Bian Dang UK version is constructed of stir fry veg, pickles, a half marinated tea egg, delicious pork gravy, rice and a choice of deep-fried mains coated in sweet potato seasoned flour.

bian-dang-kerb-the-beast-3bian-dang-kerb-the-beast-2I couldn’t choose between the mains, so happily got The Beast for £7.50. It consists of the pork chop, chicken and mushrooms.


The Bian Dang lunch box is really fragrant from the different elements. Chicken is marinated in 5 spice, pepper and soya sauce. The Pork chop is subtly flavoured, and moist. The favourite had to be the oyster mushrooms with no extra marinade. All of the pieces are deep-fried in a light super crunchy coating of sweet potato flour. The other elements of pickles give it the sourness, stir fry veg and tea strained egg balances the whole lunch box.


Bian Dang is very similar to what I eat with my family at home, rice, meat, and vegetables. Variety is key for a nutritious meal. Bian Dang was created for busy people who don’t have the time to go to a restaurant wait for a chef to cook and sit down to eat. The hour lunch here in the UK is precious and street food is great for people to explore different cuisines.

Go check out Bian Dang website to see where they trade during the week.


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