First stop was roman road for bargains, i couldn’t miss out on some pie n mash. Thinking about the last time I ate was lunch on fri afternoon.

The onion in the pie ruined the taste for me, it was first time I tried chicken and mushroom pie with such strong onion flavouring so will be giving this a miss next time.

Earlier when i was in leather lane area I passed oasis for a stopover for a smoothie. The flu jab smoothie sounded perfect for my current health, I’m done with some bug and can not afford to rest at home. The flu jab smoothie contains pomegranate, orange and lemon juice and honey. It tasted great wished it was nearer to me to purchase every day. If you ever head to Stratford do visit the Chinese place located inside the in shops the curry chips are the bomb. I can instantly recognise the smell of their curry even if someone else is eating it on the street.