G.Kelly pie and mash

Sometimes I just crave those comfort food, lucky for me it’s not that far away. East London is filled with pie and mash shops. You can get a tasty meal for cheap £3.50 to be exact. G. Kelly at Roman Road market has been around for over 70 years.

G.Kelly pie and mash shop

The pies and crumbles are baked in-house using only British beef and chicken. I love eating the traditional beef flavour with mash and liquor (parsley sauce). It’s a must for me to drench the pie and mash with a mixture of chilli and normal vinegar. The pie comes with a good pastry that’s not too dry or soggy. The minced beef had the natural flavours with a little seasoning. The mash I had mix feelings parts of it tasted powdery and parts were fantastic. The parsley sauce was the perfect condiment for the other two.

photo 3 G.Kelly pie and mash G.Kelly pie and mash liquor

Overall G. Kelly pie and mash shop is a must try for some traditional East London British food. It’s cheap and cheerful and you walk away satisfied.


526 Roman Road
Bow, London
E3 5ES

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