The Ginger Pig cafe half monty

Something that seems so simple like an English breakfast shouldn’t be overlooked. Yes I know it’s full of calories and greasiness but there is just this one. That’s so ground breaking in London.


Heading to the quieter quarter of Hoxton, passing parks, hairdressers etc. You get to Hoxton Market; the long stretch of road is filled with goodies. A mixture of quirky shops, restaurants, cafes and market stalls.


At one end of that long stretch of road is The Ginger Pig café; they used to be at “The Eagle” in Farringdon road, which I missed out on when I was working in the area.  The Ginger Pig is exceptionally busy every time I pass by; my stomach had always been full. The chance finally came on a Sunday, with its wooden furniture and almost gastro pub setting. You have a choice to sit anywhere, as long as it’s free.

photo 3 The Ginger Pig cafe

Studying the menu  for The Ginger Pig café beforehand I was upset that only a half monty was on the menu. I still got it anyways; a pie dish of beans came first it’s certainly very different to the usual Heniz baked beans, a more of smokiness tone.

The Ginger Pig cafe half monty

The plate of meats, poach eggs and tomato finally arrived, accompanied with a slice of toasted bread. I ordered extra portion of chips on the side, as I thought the half monty wouldn’t fill me up. I’m not usually a big fan of bacon, but this one slice tasted so good. You can taste the farm to table freshness from that piece, and the sausage was equally superb. Prior to ordering you have a choice of ways to have your eggs. My mood was poached eggs style, the pure white sheets enveloped the yolks, piecing into the middle the yolk juice runs in an instant. Chips were piping hot, one bite of those perfectly cooked chips and your mouth won’t stop.

The Ginger Pig cafe The Ginger Pig cafe half monty The Ginger Pig cafe half monty

The Ginger Pig café left me very satisfied; you can tell the dishes are prepared using local sourced ingredients. It is well worth the trek to Hoxton market for some grub from this insatiable café.

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