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The doors opened to a royal kingdom, a line of waiters and waitresses dressed in uniformed colours of maroon red draped with a gold sash. Bowed their heads to say hello, the scent of lemongrass soaring through the air. Dim lighted candles flickered on the wall; a beautiful mini structure bang right in the middle captivates your eyes.

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Was I transported to Thailand? Pinch me. Stepping inside Patara soho branch for a special event with Iron Chef Chumpol Jangprai was in for a treat. He came to London for Taste of London, running demonstrations at the Taste of Thailand branch.

Chef Chumpol Jangprai Chef Chumpol Jangprai

Sampling canapés of food served at the restaurant, devilishly good, leaving you wanting more. The manager of Patara restaurant in the UK gave the opening speech. It is nice to know he looked after the successful Mango tree restaurant.

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Chef Chumpol Jangprai revealed that out of all the beef cuts out there, his preference is the Aberdeen Angus beef. The Nua Tom Kato cooking demo went exceptionally well. Using a teeny bit of chilli, to add heat to the dish. It was expertly executed and garnished neatly on a plate.

patara Kiew Wan Gai Ban

As we sat down the five-course meal begun. The entry dish Kiew Wan Gai Ban, arrived in a golden cauldron boat with a candle burning at the bottom keeping the curry bubbling warm. The thick creamy coconut milk swirled inside the pea coloured sauce. Chicken pieces floated above the surface, a well-balanced curry with little spice, and sweetness from the palm sugar. The chicken on the other hand was slightly overcooked.

Plaah Gong

Plaah Gong, was equally sensational, succulent sweet juicy grilled prawns in spicy mint lemongrass and lime dressing.

Nua Tom Kati

Nua Tom Kati, thick slices of slow braised beef glazed with chilli to enhance its natural flavours. It still was pinkish, but had incredible flavour and tenderness.

Pad Thai Kai

Pad Thai Kai, a signature dish adored by everyone, such a versatile dish with the main ingredient can be swapped according to your taste.
Infused with sweet, savoury flavours best describes Thai cuisine. Noodles cooked perfectly well, naturally flavourful chicken meat, garnished with herbs and a squeeze of limejuice. Each bite provides a forkfuls of comfort, finished with a crunch of beanspouts.

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The meal left me with a satisfied full belly; come and experience the unforgettable combination of intimate Thai fine dining.
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