This was my second time visiting Counter Café, the first time I stumble across them by accident. It was conveniently located near the hairdressers I visited on a cold winter, just when the Olympics stadium was being built.

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Who knew such a hidden gem existed shadowed by the old factories and artsy studios surrounding the café. The café has now moved locations since I last visited to an even bigger space.  Go ahead and sit by the outside to admire the canal views.

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They do amazing breakfasts, although my egg benedict took one hour to make, due to the café being super busy on a Sunday. Large in portions, and the Hollandaise sauce bubbled spreading itself all over the plate. The egg yolk, shined with golden bright yellow shade. Oh the coffee is also top notch rich in aroma and complemented well with my breakfast.

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counter cafe eggs benedict
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counter cafe coffee

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Once your finished take a walk along the canal and be mesmerised by the beauty of East London finest.

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