Manuka honey has hit the news for the good and bad reasons. There’s been a recent scandal with counterfeit manuka honey hitting the shelves with their mislabelling in supermarkets conning consumers money into thinking they’re buying the legit thing. There’s been another recent news about manuka honey being able to heal a horse wounds.

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The lovely people at Comvita invited me down to Tibits for an exclusive bloggers Get Sticky brunch event to demystify manuka honey.

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What to look for on the label?

  • 100% made and produced in New Zealand
  • Has the UMF® mark
  • NPA rating

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The number next to the UMF mark refers to the additional antibacterial activities 8+ or higher is appropriate for therapeutic uses.


What do people use manuka honey for?

  • Digestive problems
  • Anti-inflammatory and healing properties
  • Cold and flu to fight infections


I personally use make my own facemask with honey and aspirin. The anti-inflammatory properties helps calms my spots and the aspirin gently exfoliates the skin.

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We had a special brunch made by Chef Leo from Tibits starting with figs yoghurt, muesli, lavender and manuka honey. Since manuka honey comes in a thick from Leo, used a warm water bath to make it runny. Pouring the honey over the yoghurt as the last step.

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The next dish would give Reese peanut butter a run for their money with an alternative healthier version using coconut milk. Chilling the coconut milk overnight turns it into a solid cream, and taste perfect with the peanut butter.

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Lastly, Leo conjured up a smoothie using rosemary, berries and munuka honey. Once we finished brunch and had a Q&A session we made our way upstairs to the food boat and enjoyed Tibits vegetarian food.

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