Mate, I’ve gone round London after every Cheese Truck and shacks ravishingly eating all the grilled cheese sandwiches I can get my hands on. I have had The Cheese Truck, Deeny’s, now I managed to go down to Hackney for a taste of Morty and Bobs version.

morty and bobs

Morty and Bobs have been mastering the perfect grilled cheese since 2013, with a straight up blend of three different cheese. Based at Netil market you can find their wooden shack next door to Bao.

morty and bobs
morty and bobs

They have 3 simple options available “Straight up”, “Mushroom & Truffle” and “crispy bacon” with a slice of pickle for all orders and a must try is their sweet potato fries.


Mushroom & Truffle appealed to me the most, with three people ahead of me my order took 15 minutes to whip up and I still had the fries to wait for.

mushroom and truffle IMG_6229

Cut in half my grilled sandwich pressed together my oozing goo of the sweet cheesus, the smell of truffle oil followed with every whiff. It tasted fabulous, sautéed mushrooms cooked perfectly soft, there’s meant to be M&B secret sauce used in these cheese toasties even I can’t tell what it is.

sweet potato fries

Now, the people surrounding me didn’t realise there’s sweet potato fries on offer until I walked off with my tray. The guys at Morty and Bobs gave me plenty, coated in a light batter, the fries stayed crisp and didn’t flop about when you pick it up.


Morty’s and Bobs is the one for all you cheese maniacs out there. The sweet potato fries has to be the best I’ve tried so far.

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