I had a very long meeting beforehand and happened to be in the Fitzrovia area, I was starving I knew Bubbledogs closes at 4pm, then to reopen at 5:30pm.

3 people was in front, eagerly waiting for the time to struck 5:30pm, as soon as it did everyone hurried through that door. Upstairs the floor was filled with communal tables, and artwork of the sausage dog.

I think the idea of a low fuss quick bite is a great idea, the floor filled up very quickly. Seated at the bar I knew exactly what I wanted a glass of champagne and a gourmet hotdog. Since I wasn’t feeling too adventurous I ended up with the New Yorker, sweet potato fries and sparkling wine. I blame my recent liaisons at the Charing Cross hotel for the sudden love of sparkling wine.

photo 3

I let the bartender choose the bubbles, ‘A LITTLE PINK WON’T HURT’, a light coloured pink sparkling wine. I really liked this one; it was enjoyable and hardly had any aftertaste.

photo 1


with grilled sauerkraut or NY street cart onions or both


photo 5

The food came super quick within 10 mins, the bun was overloaded with sauerkraut, and the hot dog was sandwich between the onions and sauerkraut.

The hot dog was very meaty and strong, the bun was soft, fluffy light and airy. The condiments balanced out the strong meaty taste. After finishing the hot dog I had mix feelings, I wasn’t blown away by  it nor did it suck.

photo 4photo 5

The sweet potato fries however was a killer, coated in a light batter, it crunched every time I took bites. It was perfectly cooked, other places I’ve tried in the past fail to stay straight from picking it up.

Overall I think this is a fun little place, to catch up and grab a quick bite, I will need to work my through the hot dog menu to decide which one is the best. For under £20 for a snack and champagne it’s not bad.


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