Eggs Recipes // how to make an omelette and Scramble Eggs | Michel Roux GIVEAWAY

Eggs, one of gods best creations so versatile and used in many recipes. There are so many ways you can cook an egg. British lion eggs have a wonderful site full of recipes. Start by the very basics by learning “how to make an omelette”, seriously it only takes 2 minutes to prepare and additional 2 minutes to cook. Fancy some “scramble eggs” recipe, perfect to go with those smoked salmon muffins.


To mark this eggs post I’m throwing a giveaway for Michel Roux “eggs” book. All you have to do is follow the link below to enter.

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Open to UK residents only.


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  1. I love eggs so much I have 2 chickens in my back garden that lay just enough a week for me 🙂 It would be awesome to have a cookbook with more interesting ways of using them for delicious meals 🙂

  2. Eggs eggs…glorious eggs!!! I love eggs, and always will, my school friends used to get so angry because my mum always made me Egg sandwiches…and Michel Roux is quite hot too!!

  3. I love watching him on Masterchef and it would be wonderful to have one of his books in front of me to learn How to cook eggs properly.

  4. Eggs are one of my most favourite foods-Cooked properly of course..this would make a great gift for my sister and family who keep chickens in there garden-and have an endless supply 🙂

  5. Would love to know the definitive way to cook the various forms of this versatile ingredient. Always judge a hotel by the quality of the poached eggs served at breakfast!

  6. I can never quite get an omlette right, this book would be really helpful and also give me some different ideas xxxx

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